Don’t let a good manual be hard to find. Get more value from purchases.

Are you getting the most value from purchases?

Set aside some time to review the manual of a new item. Go so far as to schedule a second review!

What return on investment does reading and reviewing the manual yield? The answer is a shorter learning curve, better use of features faster, and by extending the useful life of the device if it is able to continue meeting needs and remaining functional through comprehensive use, updates, repairs, and troubleshooting.

What is a good way to store the manual? A safe place like a file cabinet or bankers box may be all you need for this piece of reference material. Does the manufacturer offer an electronic manual? If so, save and store that in your reference folders on a computer. When storing electronically, include the date or year of purchase in the naming convention and consider saving it in the cloud to prevent loss.

What other information could help during the life of the device? Try adding details like the date of purchase, part/ model/ SKU/ serial numbers on a designated area of the manual like the front or back page for easy reference later. This important reference and identifying information could otherwise become forgotten or tucked away in inconvenient places, like on the back/bottom of something heavy or on the inside of a battery compartment. Having these details readily available could make checking for drivers or tracking value easier. This could also come in handy for times when warranty or insurance claims are necessary as could a copy of the receipt.

If you’re trying to minimize carbon footprint, adopt more minimalist ways, or create and tighten up a budget on your own or with a system like Financial Peace University in the #debtfreecommunity, getting the most value from a purchase can help.

Have you held on to the item for “too long”?

Ask and consider, does it:

  • function properly?
  • meet performance needs?
  • cost more to replace than to repair?
  • have resale value?
  • fit in the space available?

When a repair is needed, comparison shop service providers, and ask if existing manufacturer warranties exist or could be voided based on which repair provider you choose. The receipt and device identification numbers saved for reference will come in handy here.

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