New Year: 2018 Begins

Happy New Year! The start of a new year is a great time for fresh starts, goal setting, and resolutions. What I’m hearing from the great guru and mentor collective is a focus shift from resolutions to long-term solutions. After getting burned on short-lived resolutions, we’re all learning to dig deeper, think long-term, and focus on creating real lasting change, and seeking out those who can help us along that path.

I’ve been “in production” for online courses and empowerment groups that will get rolled out as the year progresses.

Creating new content and synthesizing what I’ve learned is something I enjoy. In preparing to communicate the content in a learner and life-change-friendly way, I’ve been able to revisit some of my favorite resources, experiences, and lessons, pulling them together in a meaningful and supportive way. I was able to start from a place of service. Early on, I was thinking in terms of empowerment and building upon knowledge, skills, and abilities to create true skill transference, helping those ready and willing to participate to set and reach their goals in new ways.

Online courses or empowerment groups can take someone from swimming in resources to having some of the very best resources pulled together with added support and the ability to progress from the start to finish. Complete a module, apply it to an area of your life, and repeat the content later for a refresher.

When trying to achieve well-defined goals, it may make sense to focus and increase activity towards that goal with a little more of available time for a few weeks or months to meet a deadline before shifting to the more balanced use of the time available across roles for maintenance. The new skills come in handy when it’s time to get creative and apply guiding principles to a new challenge.


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