The Great Pen Round-Up

This morning, I’m having a great Pen round-up. Do you have an item that accumulates in different places? I go to grab a pen to write something and it lands on the kitchen island as I stop to get my son something. Day-after-day this activity generates a small collection of pens on the island. Pens also accumulate in areas that I tend to leave or look through my purse (and inside my purse).

How to do your very own round-up: First, pull together all the like items in one spot to see how many there are. Next, return the items to a “home” where they belong. Toss, swap, sell or donate the excess. Identifying a home location and consistent maintenance the item’s location saves time, reduces replacement purchases, and keeps flat surfaces and work areas clear. Small actions add-up.

Consider a great round-up of your own. Will you round up pens, hair bands, books, notebooks, or something else?

Do you start a task but get easily distracted? Believe-it-or-not, this can get in the way of finishing the task you set out to accomplish. Setting a timer and every once-in-awhile ask “am I doing what I set out to do?”

The Time Timer® productivity tool may help. The clock shows the passage of time visually with a color disc that gets smaller and smaller as the time passes. Check it out and remember: Focus on getting started! Starting on a task for a minute or five can feel less overwhelming than thinking about completing the whole project. It’s our actions that help us make progress and you can’t finish without first getting started.Affiliate Badge -square

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