Cross-Country Drive Planning Online Course Coming in 2018

Have you ever thought about traveling cross-country but felt like a driving trip that far would be overwhelming to plan? Maybe you didn’t know where to start or what to plan for.

I’ve been there and I’m putting together a Travel Planning Course specifically for Cross-Country Driving that will launch in early 2018. The course will be available online, designed to give a few take-away ideas that will greatly improve your planning and travel experience and will be reasonably priced. The course may include some product examples and a list of resources for further reading, research, and planning tools.
I’ve been the passenger or planner of at least five cross-country drives (33 to 40 driving hours) with children and on many more of what I’ll call half-country drives (16 to 21 driving hours). When researching for these trips, I often had to hunt for good information that was scattered everywhere. I would interview someone who had done it before and ask about their itineraries for reminders of the really important things to plan for.

If you’re planning a long-distance domestic road trip in 2018, let me know what kind of questions if answered would make a big difference for you.

Thank you,


Good Sam Travel Assist

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