I have traveled in the U.S as a single person, married person, and as a mom of a special needs son. I’ve flown, driven cross-country multiple times, stayed in hotels for a night or for a few weeks, relocated for work, and used to frequent the mouse-house that is Disneyland. I’ve wrestled with car seats and rooftop carriers. I learned something different from each experience.

I will develop and update this blog post over time and share links to travel blog posts, other travelers I learn from, and product and solution ideas.

Helpful resources for planning travel:

While on the road last summer, I had the chance to visit a few Camping World locations along my route, take a look at the store layouts, and felt like Goldilocks with the inventory when something felt too big or too small. I found the Camping Worlds to overall be a clean place for a pit stop and they were located conveniently near major highways if we happened to pass one at a good time to stop. And, for now, our only RV is from Fisher-Price When it comes to tent camping, yes, I have a lot of basic tent camping experience and was a Girl Scout Residential Camp Counselor. I’m looking forward to tent camping with my son when he gets older.

I have Good Sam TravelAssist just-in-case we need it. The RV/ Vehicle, Pet, and Child/Spouse Return benefits give me some peace of mind when I’m driving a distance of 2,400 miles or so. Good Sam also offers a Roadside Assistance program. If are thinking about purchasing a Good Sam product, please compare their services and prices to those of other companies for comparison.

Route Planners: I usually make sure my AAA membership is up to date before a trip. I have used the AAA route planner and have found that like other route planners, it has pros and cons. Good Sam Club Members have access to an RV friendly route planner. I also use the satellite feature on Google Maps to look at highways and aerial views of potential locations to stop and rest. Dog Boarding, Daycare, Walking, and House Sitting Services.

A word about hotel Brands: It’s possible to stay at the perfect example of how to run a hotel one night and end up in a swampy out-dated nightmare the next, all under the same Brand name. I recommend using sites like TripAdvisor to look at recent reviews of each hotel location you’re thinking about staying at. The recent reviews could highlight the more recent management issues and maintenance, remodeling, or noise concerns. Within one Brand, you can also see a difference from one hotel to the next in pet policies, parking, and recreational use fees.

24/7 Airport rides! Book now for a limited time only at! Get a ride for yourself or your crew, avoid having family wake up early or stay up late to assist you, and avoid parking costs at the Airport.

I tried a couple of rooftop carriers and ultimately liked using this Roofbag the best. Depending on the size, shape, and weight of the rooftop carrier and the vehicle used during the trip, miles per gallon will likely be affected, so increase the expected costs for fuel.

Looking to rent an RV? RV Share is where renters and owners may coordinate a rental experience. Availability and price vary by location. Overall, a wide range of travel trailers and motorhomes are listed. Renting an RV could be a good alternative if you’re not ready to fully invest in RV ownership.

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